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The best online advertising platforms in the world

The best online advertising platforms in the world

As an owner of a small business, If you think that you are wasting advertising costs without getting results, you should seek out for help from online advertising platforms. There are countless ways to use online advertising on Google that should be chosen based on the most consistent with business goals.

Although printed, postal advertising, and mass media advertising are still important to many industries and businesses, but they are often a waste of time and money. With the increase of advertisements in different media, the audience will pay less and less attention to it, as if they are blindfolded and do not see them.

One of the areas of marketing that is currently receiving a lot of attention is the online advertising which is constantly growing. Online advertising can help businesses to find newer and more boosters.

If you have never used online advertising or have not been looking for new ways to advertise effectively, you can create ads for your marketing business with this online advertising platform that we will introduce them to you. First of all, your website optimization is necessary to get high ranking in search engine results, but this method takes time and you have to be patience. We suggest to spend on online advertising while your website seo is improving.

Google Ads

The best online advertising platforms in the world

Since Google search engine owns the market share of search engines in the network, it is obvious that its advertising platform Google Ads will become the largest marketing platform for PPC click-through ads.

If you can use Google Ads you create text, image, or video-based ads to get people who search for specific keywords (you put those keywords in your website SEO) to access your website.

Online advertising is very effective for your business. Launching a campaign for beginners seems a bit complicated. Fortunately, Google provides an easy way to get started with Google Ads Express for small businesses. Google Ads Express is a lighter version of the original Google Ads that fully manages online advertising. Immediately after uploading your ads to Google Ads Express, Google bots take control of the ads and optimize them. Although this method has limitations, but it seems useful for beginners.

Advertising networks in Google Ads

Search Ads: Helps your ads appear in the main results when searching on Google. There are usually two or three ads above the organic results as well as a few ads to the right of the organic search results. Here you target specific keywords or phrases so that your audience can find you among competing sites when searching.

Display Network: The Google Ads platform has the largest display network among all online advertising platforms. this network works differently its not like the traditional Google search. Google provides many features such as Gmail and YouTube to place text, image and video ads. Google Display Network, with access to more than two million websites and about 90% of Internet users, enabling the maximum access comparing to any online advertising platform. These ads are distributed to users who are shopping online, watching news videos or reading their emails.

Typically, the cost of click-through ads on Google Display Network is less than ads on Google search results, but it isn’t as effectiveness as it should be.

Remarketing: Google advertising system has several features and capabilities for remarketing. Remarketing campaigns are used specifically for audiences who have already visited your website. These campaigns are created based on site cookies. Cookies have a lot of information about the pages browsed by the user and the last time he entered the site. This information is referred to Google to use for remarketing and re-displaying the ad to the same users. In this case, when the user refers to another site that is part of the Google AdSense network, your site ad will be displayed to him.

Google Ad Remarketing helps you get more clicks at a much lower cost for your ad. The main advantage of remarketing is the reduction of your advertising costs along with targeting specific users.

Bing Ads

The best online advertising platforms in the world

Bing is the second most popular search engine in the world and a strong competitor to Google. About 20% of all searches in the world are done with Bing. Microsoft, like Google Ads, uses the Bing search engine to advertise its search engine results as well as other networks. 

Bing Advertising has improved its advertising network in recent years and has made significant progress in facilitating the implementation of its specific campaigns. Bing advertising offers you free advertising credit but it’s really hard to achieve that.

The Bing search engine has a much smaller audience than Google, resulting in a cheaper bid for keywords. You can save your marketing costs with Bing ads.

According to click-through statistics, ads on Google are three times higher than the average cost of bing click-through ads. The more incoming traffic in Google, the more business owners click to buy the card, the more it prefers to apply. But, The Bing platform has some advantages over Google. The site address is displayed boldly in the Bing search engine, and this is effective in branding the site. Bing ads has a higher click-through rate (CTR) than Google.

Facebook ads

The best online advertising platforms in the world

Advertising on Facebook is like a gold mine for small businesses. This advertising platform has come a long way over the years, both in terms of effectiveness and ease of use. Facebook ads work like PPC ads and you pay for people clicking. But the interesting thing about Facebook ads is that you can add an image or video to your text. In this case, even if people do not click on your ad, it will be exposed to the audience for free.

Google Ads and Bing advertising platforms typically target user behavior (product or service search), but Facebook allows you to target according to the user’s interests. On Facebook, you can offer ads based on the audience’s age, status, gender, language, interests, and behaviors. Another way is to build your own custom audience list through site traffic, customer listings, and app activity, and get your ads to people who know your business.

An ad on Facebook can have up to five images if only 25 characters are used in the title text. So, the text of your title should be attractive enough for the audience to follow it.

By advertising on Facebook, you gain worthy insight about your current and potential customers, which helps you to have a better and more effective advertising targeting for the future.

Twitter ads

The best online advertising platforms in the world

Twitter ads are very similar to Google Ads ads and both offer great features for business owners. to advertise on Twitter, you should Prioritize content production. You can use up to 280 characters to write a tweet, but marketing research has shown that tweets below 100 words attract more audience attention.

Examining the promotional tweets of successful brands shows that the shortness of these tweets has made them more creative in conveying the main brand message. So, use your creativity to make the most impact on your audience with the shortest promotional tweets.

Increase access to your tweets by launching an ad campaign on Twitter. Twitter gives you the ability to target and differentiate your audience so you can focus on your target users. On Twitter, you can make sure that your real audience will see your ads. The retweet tool also allows you to share user content and comments with other users.

 LinkedIn ads

The best online advertising platforms in the world

With over 500 million active personal and business users, LinkedIn is one of the best online advertising platforms on social media. The personal and scientific content and familiarity with different job opportunities has made LinkedIn popular among people. The cost of click-through ads on this platform is higher than other platforms, but you can assign your ads to specific audiences.

If you have a successful campaign, you will achieve tremendous profit in your business. To be successful in LinkedIn advertising, your ads must be optimized.

Advertising on LinkedIn follows the same rules as advertising on Google and advertising on Facebook. You can set its settings so that ads will be displayed only to the target audience. This is made possible by LinkedIn’s powerful algorithms.

Using online advertising platforms requires the right business strategy and expertise. If these ads provide a good opportunity to achieve your business goals, you will get great results.

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