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What is web development?

web development

In today’s digital world, website design and web development has become a popular job position. You, who are reading this article, is probably considered to be interested in this field of work! In this article, we are going to introduce web developers and answer the question of who is a web developer?
The main problem in this field is to confuse the term web design and web development! for more information on that you can read our article linked below:

web designer vs web developer

Are you interested in learning web development as a Web Developer? If your answer is yes, first of all, congratulations! Because you have chosen one of the best and most pleasant areas of IT.

At the beginning of this article, it is better to know that this article is very useful for people who do not have any basic knowledge in the field of web development or who are just planning to start courses related to it.

Well, let’s get started, if you’re the type of person who mainly uses Googling to learn things, you’re sure a little confused and worried among the vast array of languages, frameworks, and learning resources out there.This is completely natural and it is exactly due to the nature of the Google search engine, because Google can be your best friend,and also your worst enemy, which depends entirely on how you use this popular search engine.

Who is a web developer?

The truth is that there is no clear answer to this question! To understand the question of who is a web developer, it is better to first answer the question of what are the duties of a web developer.

The duties of a web developer include turning a website design into a real website! In fact, Web Developer is a Royce program that is proficient in the standard web programming language and turns a basic plan into a complete and functional website. Or, so to speak, it turns a static website into a dynamic website.

web development

What does a Web Developer do?

In general, the specialized skills of a web developer vary greatly depending on the type of work they do. but every web developer should have these set of skills in order to succeed as a web developer;

Adequate command of HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery programming languages
Proficiency in web developer tools and browsers
mastery of testing and debugging
Having enough information about libraries and frameworks
Mastery in doing GIT
Mastery of basic graphic design and user interface (UI) design.
Knowledge of responsive design
Mastery in working with web hosting

What do you need to be a Web Developer?

In order to know the specialized skills needed by a web developer, it is better to first familiarize yourself with the types of web developers.
One of the first tasks that are recommended to all interested people when starting to learn web page development skills is to make a clear decision about the final goal and to be consistent in reaching it, regardless of the type of goal. Maybe your goal in learning is to find a new job or a great idea for a new business plan, or even your goal is just to learn for fun. Whatever your goal is, it’s important to know why you’re doing it. This understanding of the goal greatly improves your learning power and will be the most important factor in your motivation to continue on this path, especially when you feel tired and unable to continue.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how hard, complicated, or far-fetched the ultimate goal may seem because you can achieve it with hard work and perseverance.

Types of web developers

Web developers can be divided into three categories based on the tasks they undertake.

Front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers, whose duties we will examine in the rest of the article.

Front end developer

By thinking a little about the word Front End, you can understand that a Front End Developer deals with the part of a website that the user sees. In general, every detail of the page that can be viewed and evaluated by the user is up to the Front End developer.

A person who works in this field must be fully familiar with CSS, Java Script and HTML languages ​​and be fully familiar with the concept of Ui and Ux.

Back end developer

The parts of the website that do not affect the appearance of the work and the user does not see them are related to the Back End Developer.

This person deals with databases and servers of site processors, which requires full mastery of the Back End developer on server languages ​​such as Pythone, Ruby, Php, etc.

In fact, with the use of website design software, you can build a website without having back-end knowledge.

Full stack developer

A person who masters front and back skills at the same time is called Full Stack Developer.

Usually, people prefer to use two front and back developers instead of using a full stack developer because it is easier to trust people who work on each of these skills in a more specialized way.

Popular programming languages for web development

As mentioned above, frontend and backend developers need to learn different languages, while full-stack developers need a thorough knowledge of the main web development languages.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most common languages for web developers to learn, along with an explanation of what they’re used for.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Java Script


Now that we have a comprehensive answer to the question of who is a web developer, you are probably also interested in this profession. Therefore, if you want to become a web developer, the first step is to choose between front-end, back-end and full-stack development and then the relevant programming languages.

To learn more, you can refer to online education websites, such as edX, Coursera or Udacity, which we will introduce in separate article.

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