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What is landing page?

What is landing page?

Everyone in the online business world who is familiar with SEO and site optimization with online marketing knows what a landing page is and what its goals are in designing a website. If we want to discuss landing page goals, increasing click-through rate or CTR, Call To Action, or CTA, it is necessary to first examine what a landing page is and its different types.

What is a Landing Page?

In general, in the discussion of website design, the first page through which the audience of your site enters your content section is called Landing Page, which is very important. Login pages usually serve only a few specific purposes, and users exhibit one of the following behaviors toward these pages:

  • Overviewing the content on the landing page and then closing the page
  • Navigating to other sections of the site or blog with the help of the links you put on the page!
  • Performing the action you requested

Each site can have a large number of landing pages or not at all! (Lack of landing page is a sign of weakness in site design!) Of course, you should consider that the main page of any site, known as the home page, is one of the most important and key landing pages that should be considered.

Types of landing pages that you can use!

The most important landing pages of any site other than its home page are:

  1. Pages that appear in search results!
  2. Pages that are linked to other sites.
  3. The pages linked to each business’s social media. (Like the pages you link to in Instagram stories)
  4. Pages that you link to emails sent to customers!
  5. Pages that are featured in text messages or apps and users are asked to click on them.
  6. And …

Why should we care about landing pages?

It does not seem necessary to talk about the importance of landing pages, but in general, in this article, we have examined this issue a little so that those who are less familiar with the landing page can make the best use of such pages. These pages should be considered when designing any site because they can help ypu a lot with:

  1. Attracting potential customers
  2. Achieving the goal of the business owner, which can be sales increase, receiving the customer’s email address, site membership, and…!!
  3. Increasing site traffic
  4. And …

How should we analyze a landing page?

If you want to have a great, functional landing page, you first need to be clear about the purpose or goals of your landing page. This will make it easier for you to enter the world of web design with the help of your audience and guiding them to great performance.

Usually, people who want to know if their business can use landing pages well for their intended purpose, consider whether users are triggered by seeing the content and space of the landing pages of these businesses.

Does my audience understand what I mean by creating such a page? If you are looking for the right goals to create a landing page, it is better to keep reading this article.

What are the goals of a landing page?

The most important goals that any landing page can pursue are:

 Doing financial transactions (buying products or services)

One of the most common goals of any landing page is to sell products and services! Most of the store sites that have designed sites will appear in Google results with their product pages with the help of SEO and site optimization, to sell their products to you and make a profit in this way.

Money transaction takes place when you have been able to gain the trust of the audience in your landing page and create a basic need for your product or service. Usually, a customer makes a purchase when they have a real or false need for your product or service.

Receiving visitors’ email (or any other means of communication)

Another thing you usually see in landing pages is getting a number, email, or any other way of communicating with you so that they can introduce their products and services to you. This will help a lot in retargeting and re-attracting customers. If so, have you ever done that?

Businesses that have received recipient emails usually submit their auctions, new articles in their site magazine, and so on after a while. This will create a new excuse and motivation for the audience to re-enter your business site.

Motivating the contact to make a phone call

Online businesses that are unable to sell their products online usually use landing pages to encourage you to make phone calls. This will make it easier for you to share your contact information with them so that they can try to sell you well in future campaigns.

Of course, you should keep in mind that this is not easy to do because you want to bring the audience into a traditional space from the online space. Usually, in site design or website design with the help of psychological principles, the number is used somewhere in the site that encourages the audience to make a phone call.

Motivating and persuading the recipient to send SMS

Some other online businesses that are well versed in the basics of website and landing page design try to motivate you to send a specific number or word to their SMS system. In this way, you fall into the trap of these businesses to eventually get their products or services.

Usually, the audience that does this has a strong motivation to connect with you. This is the art of selling and marketing your business, how it can turn such a potential customer into a loyal and consistent customer. Have you ever asked your audience to do this on your site landing page? What was the result?

 Basic principles for landing page design

Now that you are familiar with the basic concept of a landing page and have studied some of its types, it is better to design a powerful landing page based on your target CTA that will bring you closer to your marketing goals. You can consider a specific design for each specific type of page you are considering. To better understand the principles and techniques of this work, we will mention the important points specifically for the design of each type of landing page.

How the design of the home page or home site should be?

As we mentioned, the home page or home of any site is one of its most important and basic pages, which is one of the most important landing pages. In this type of page, you should clearly present the types of services (products) provided, the communication channels page, the About Us page, and so on… In front of the customers.

Of course, attractive and persuasive design is effective in achieving your CTA goal and can be important. Of course, it is better to examine your competitors in this field and see how they have designed their home page based on the customer research they have done. Website design usually starts with designing a home page.

Landing dedicated pages focusing on a specific CTA

Some of the landing pages we are talking about have a special call or CTA. These pages are undoubtedly one of the most popular, important, and influential pages that should be considered when designing the initial site and identify the need. These pages usually have several special features that stand out from other pages on the site, which are:

  • Low distraction due to focus on the main purpose of the landing page
  • There is only one specific purpose for these pages!
  • The process of converting a contact into a customer, user… is easy and with a few clicks!
  • It is designed purposefully and based on accurate knowledge of the audience!

These pages are divided into two types: Lead Gen and Click Through. We have briefly reviewed these two types of pages:

Lead Gen Landing page

Is a type of landing page where you should ask the audience to download an e-book, educational article, subscribe to a site-specific newsletter or blog, sign up for an online course or seminar, make a request for advice, and so on. By themselves, these pages have design tips that only professionals know about.

Click Through

Another type of dedicated landing page is designed to persuade users to visit another page. On these pages, the audience is usually asked to buy a product or service online, to view a demo of a product on the site, or…! If These types of pages, are properly designed, they can be really useful!

Conclusion: Designing a site without a landing page is worthless!

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