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What is Google Bombing?

What is Google Bombing?

Google Bomb, Google Washing, and Google Bombing all refer to the same concept, and that is to increase the ranking of a web page on a specific keyword by getting countless backlinks from different websites, which is a kind of black hat SEO technique.

Google bom generally involves an abnormal increase in the number of pages that link to a particular web page (along with the words used in the link anchor text). In this way, if several different web pages contain the same backlink with the same anchor text (link text) as a web page, Google’s search ranking algorithm will rank that web page in different Google searches of different users.

How does Google Bombing work?

To explain how Google Bomb works, we must first consider one of the methods that Google uses to evaluate websites. In This method google actually use the PageRank algorithm, based on which part of the Google search results are still displayed.

According to this Google algorithm, the number of links to a website and the text that is linked determines the popularity of a website in the Internet space. So, in theory, the more links there are to a web page with the same anchor text, the higher that website will rank in the search results for the keywords in the anchor text. actually, it can be said that linking websites is possible through phrases or words that have nothing to do with the content of that website.

But now Google does not evaluate other websites based solely on the number of backlinks a website has on other web pages or even the relevance of the content to the site. Because of these, hundreds of other technical, structural, and content-related ranking factors have been added, and there are more than 200 Google ranking factors in total.

This method generally provides valid results to users, but due to the PageRank algorithm in the past, Google results can still be prone to destruction caused by ranking tricks and manipulations such as Google Bomb. Google is now analyzing the link structure of websites in a way that can identify and invalidate Google bombings.

Affecting Factors in a successful Google Bombing

A successful Google Bomb requires a large number of websites to link to a specific web page using specific keywords in the link text encryption. Another point is that when creating Google Bomb, using high-traffic sites to get backlinks is especially important because their outbound links are heavier in Google’s search algorithm.

How was Google Bomb Found; Examples from the Past

The first bombing of Google took place in 1999. The creators of this Google bomb are unknown. The Google bombing occurred when a memepool.com user asked, “What could be more evil than the satan himself?”. This caused many users to search for this phrase on Google, and the first link that appeared in the search results was the homepage of the Microsoft website.

Normally, politicians were initially the focus of Google’s bombings; In such a way that they were either caricatured or given defamatory titles. For example, one of the most famous Google bombs in history happened in 2004; When George W. Bush was elected President of the United States. At this time, people made a Google bombing to protest.

By searching for the phrase “miserable failure” in Google, they came across the page of the White House website that contained the introduction of George W. Bush! For the Google bomb to work, many web pages had to use the exact words “miserable failure” in their link description to link to the White House biography page. The bomb was removed in early 2007 with a new filtering algorithm introduced by Google.

The next important Google bombing came when National Geographic removed the name of the Persian Gulf from its maps and replaced it with the Arabian Gulf. At this time, many Iranians planted a Google bomb to protest this issue. In this way, they created a web page with the fake name Arabian gulf and with the help of the people, more than 10,000 links were given to this page. The web page read: “The bay you were looking for was not found. There has never been a area with that name. “The correct name is the Persian Gulf, which has always been and always will be Persian.” Finally, after these protests, National Geographic officially returned the name of the Persian Gulf to its maps.

Famous Google Bomb

You can find a list of past and present Google bombs in Google Blogoscoped.

Some of the known bombs are:

The first Google bomb was launched by Adam Mathes as a joke. He linked his friend Andy Presman’s website to “unconditional hacking.”

“McDonald’s” led to Supersize Me movie, which was highly critical of the McDonald’s chain restaurant.

“Jewish” was associated with the advent of Wikipedia into Judaism. This was done to counter the main search results, which ranked an anti-Semitic website as high. Google also placed a link to a statement at the top of the search results page to explain the results.

Colbert Nation comedian’s website was created by fans with the words “giant brass balls” and “America’s biggest life” bombed by Google.

After Donovan, an anti-gay writer lamented his anti-gay rhetoric in 2003, Savage Love stars and fans created a Google bomb that named Ricky Santanam as a definition for Associated with an incorrect phrase. Since 2011, the Google bomb has remained intact and is superior to Rick Santorum’s official page. Santorum complained about his “Google problem” in 2011, which predictably only led to more people discovering the Google bomb.

Many of these Google bombs will disappear over time because the primary links move from the front page of the blogs they link to or the webmasters who jokingly created them.

Some of them, like the Google Rick Santorum bomb, have been around for years.

The end of the Googlebomb

In January 2007, Google announced that it had removed its search algorithm to remove many of Google’s bombs. In fact, on the day they announced, the “failed misery” bomb was no longer working. The above results for this search all refer to articles about Google bombs.

Is this the end of Google bombs? Probably not. Although the algorithm removed many of Google’s bombs, they did not eliminate all of them, including Rick Santorum, and, likely, future pioneers will simply use their strategy to counter algorithmic changes.

 Conclusion; Google Bomb and SEO

The Google Bomb technique clearly showed that search results are generated only by Google algorithms and therefore are not safe from manipulation by website users. But now Google has repeatedly insisted that, as a rule, user actions no longer affect SERPs (stands for Search Engine Result Page). Thus, like the reverse engineering method, such manipulations of Google’s algorithms and the use of black hat SEO methods, in general, led Google to further improve search results. By further analyzing the websites and their content and emphasizing the thematic relevance, depth of content, and backlink specifications, has prevented users from committing violations and using black hat SEO methods.

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