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What is a PageRank algorithm?

What is a PageRank algorithm?

The Google PageRank algorithm (PR) is an algorithm that gives web pages a rating and ranks sites and pages. PageRank is based on the analysis of inbound links to a site. The higher the number of inbound links to a site and the more sites that link to it, the higher the page rank of that site. PageRank is a number between zero and ten that is given to sites by Google.

How is a site’s page rank calculated?

Google uses very advanced algorithms and mathematical formulas to calculate page rank. The Google PageRank is usually updated every three to six months. In calculating page rank, the links given to a site count as a vote. That is, the site is compared to other sites that are the same in terms of content and keywords, and its popularity is measured. As the number of links to a site increases and these links is taken from valuable and reputable websites, the page rank of that site in Google will increase.

The importance of backlinks in site page rank

Getting backlinks from other websites is very important to increase the site page rank. Each link given to a site is included in the calculation of Google PageRank. Of course, it should be noted that not only the number of links received by a site is important, but these links must be valuable, credible and quality for Google to rate them.

The role of page rank in SEO

SEO means that a site rises in the search engine search results and users can easily find it. If a site has a high page rank, it is more likely to be seen at the top of search results. For this reason, for the site to be in the results of the first page, the page rank of the site must be increased. This means that the higher the page rank, the better the chances of the site being seen on Google.

No follow links are not counted in PageRank. If one site links to another site as a no follow link, search engines will see that link but will not include it in the page rank calculation. It can be concluded that no follow links have no role in increasing the site page rank. No follow links are used to link to spam and unreliable sites.

What is a PageRank algorithm?

Google ranking sites

PageRank is a site with a score between zero and ten. Zero is the worst score and ten is the best score. Only websites like Google, Apple, Microsoft have page rank ten. Zero-page rank means that the website does not appear in Google results and this may be because the site has just been launched.

PageRank 1 means it’s a very weak one, but it shows that the site is on Google. PageRank 2 is weak, but there is still hope for an improved Google presence. PageRank 3 is average and most websites have PageRank 3. PageRank 4 is medium to high and indicates that the website is improving. PageRank 5 means that the website is on the first page of Google in some keywords. PageRank 6 is great, and PageRank 7 shows that the site is one of the best on the web. PageRank 8 indicates a large website, and PageRank 9 is specific to large websites such as Yahoo and CNN.

How to increase the pagerank algorithm of a site?

To increase Google page rank, you should never use methods such as link buying, link exchange, linking to unrelated sites, abnormal link building, and so on. If you use these methods, the site will be penalized by Google. The best way to increase your site’s page rank in Google is to produce useful, quality, and unique content.

Attractive and useful content causes users to be automatically and naturally attracted to the site and share its link on social networks and other websites. In general, it can be said that the site page rank should be increased naturally. You can naturally increase your page rank by writing guest posts or writing articles on popular news sites.

Content is the solution!

Finally, we need to address the importance of content in improving Google PageRank. As Google reduced its focus on external links, it became more concerned with the content of its websites. Nothing can change your position at Google right now than producing quality content. If you do not spend enough time on the content of your pages or you have poor quality content, you should know that soon you will be removed from Google.


There are more than 200 factors to get a better position on Google pages, the most important of which we have mentioned. In addition, pay attention to link building; Because the page rank algorithm may come back to work soon.

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