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What is the Jagger Algorithm Update?

What is the Jagger Algorithm Update?

If you are looking for an internet business, or you are dealing with digital marketing, you have probably heard the term Google algorithms. The Jagger algorithm is responsible for combating low-quality links such as reciprocal links, link farms, and purchased links.

But do you know what an algorithm is and are you familiar with the types of Google algorithms and their performance?

Why does Google need an algorithm?

Google, like other companies, needs to be updated to attract new users and retain existing contracts. As a result, it provides new and better features to improve the user experience of its customers.

Therefore, Google uses different algorithms and daily and monthly updates them to fix its shortcomings and properly rank different sites in search results.

Types of Google algorithms

There are two general categories of Google algorithms:

  • The main Google algorithms

Google’s core algorithms generally seek to optimize site ranking processes and improve Google’s performance.

  • Google Side Algorithms

These algorithms specifically pursue a theme and purpose and perform ranking optimization in a more specialized way.

What is the Jagger Algorithm Update?

Why should webmasters beware of these algorithms?

Google is known as the most famous and popular search engine. With this in mind, as well as the proliferation of various websites on the Internet, Internet business owners need to seriously think about getting a good position in Google results.

Google uses different algorithms and updates to consider different points about ranking sites. Such as type and quality of content, link building, websites display on mobile, and…

 What is the purpose of the Jagger algorithm?

Jagger was created in three phases to deal with sites that attempted abnormal linking and backlinks. The second phase of this update had a huge impact in October. The third and final phase was completed at the end of November.

And the purpose of this algorithm was to fight sites that used unprincipled backlinks for their SEO.

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