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Top web design courses

web design course

The world is changing fast and our digital world is changing even faster. if you are here you may know setting up a website may be one of the first steps that are necessary to start a business. also professional website design training can help you become the owner of a very profitable job with high job security. but to start this profitable business you should know more about its ups and downs.

In the old days, people needed a space to sell their products. For example, if someone chose to sell clothes as his job, he would have to rent a shop so he can sell the clothes.This issue is applicable in all businesses and it has brought many problems and difficulties.This way of doing business had a big drawback, which was the limited number of customers in relation to the location of the shop. This means that only people who lived near the shop or they were just walking by could visit the shop.

Attracting more customers

the first advantage of having a website is all about customers.The advancement of technology has helped business owners to expand their circle of customers and boost their business. Today, by having a website, anyone in any part of the country can share their products to other people living in the world and sell them in this way.

Also, those who are service providers, with the help of someone who works in this field, can design a website for their job. they eve can advertise the services they provide on that website so that people across the country are informed about those services. In general, the advancement of technology has been able to change the business style from the old way to the online way and make businesses more prosperous.

now to begin the journey and sign up for any web design courses you should know about the bigger picture!

web design course

Overview of the web design path

lets start with a brief explanation of the web design process: First, you design the site layout using various graphic software such as Photoshop, then you create a set of codes in different files and place them next to each other. Then you need an empty space. For example, you can buy one gig from hosting companies. Upload your codes and enter the domain name of the site to see the results of your work.

Don’t worry if the above sentences are not clear to you! In the following, we will go through all the points in detail.

When you start learning a new field, it is essential to learn the basics first. The designed website should have a very good UX design. A good UX design will keep visitors on your site, while a bad UX will take them elsewhere.

UX design or user experience design is simply what the user sees on your site. For example, in which part of the site should the logo be, or what should the menus look like, and so on. So before attempting to create a website, it is necessary to learn more about the rules of how websites are organized.

Learn from other great web designers and programmers. Look at great, well-designed websites and note how the menu, logo, or other content is laid out on those websites, and then use that information in your designs.

Web design is constantly evolving, so you should always be ready to learn something new. should update your vocabulary and you should know the terms related to web design.

the 3 main parts!

Graphics: usually designing a website overall layout, graphic design, illustration, logo design, etc. are done in this part.

client side programmer: designing the user interface or the part of the site with which the user interacts is the responsibility of a user interface programmer who usually uses javascript, html, and css languages.

Server side programmer: By using programming languages such as asp.net and php, they enable the connection between the browser and the server.

know more about the difficulties of being a web designer

to start better you should know about the disadvantages or as we call it, the downs! Know the difficulty of this job. You need to find out if you are really interested in web design or not. Because interest is necessary for progress in all cases. Learn more about your job status and income to get started with more motivation. and in every city this situations differ, so you should do a local research. In the field of programming and online business, you have to have a lot of patience.

So, before starting programming, we suggest you research about its income and its difficulties and challenges and enter learning and then the job market of programming field with open eyes.You’ll learn where you can start the training you need to become a web designer, as well as the essential skills and tools to master them. Finally, you’ll discover everything you need to know about building a successful freelance web design business and the steps you can take to get started.

the best ways to learn web design

To start learning, look for a way that will turn you into a professional website designer at the lowest cost. This cost includes your time, money and energy.here we listed some learning method advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Searching the internet: it is almost free but the learning process wont be easy! ad it takes so much time.
  2. studying books: it might be The most complete learning resource and it is very cheap. and you can learn at any time and place but the learning process is still difficult and you distract away from the programming process.
  3. Low cost educational video: There is a possibility of learning at any time and place!and you can use the experiences of the best teachers. Easy to learn and you can reuse the educational resources. in this method no one will be there to answer your questions. and you will time if the quality of training is low
  4. Training classes using the experiences of the teacher: it is easy to learn but it is not cheap, actually its even expensive.and the subject headings depend on the academic level of the class and the level of knowledge of the professor.

By reviewing these points, we suggest that you use educational videos along with one or more books. In this way, you will learn all the material needed in the shortest possible time in a continuous, simple and practical way. Whenever you are confused in the learning process, it is better to answer your questions by just searching. After you have reached an acceptable level, you can get to know the operational aspect of work by taking internships in companies.

web design course

where to start

Well, in this section, you will be told where to start. In general, you should proceed according to the list below.

client side:
2. CSS
3. JAVA script
4. jQuery
5. Bootstrap

server side:
1. php
2. SQL
4. c
5. java

Start with HTML

html is the standard language for designing web pages. The page codes are finally converted into html codes and displayed by the browser. Therefore, web page components such as text, photos, etc. are placed on the web page with the help of html tags.
In fact, all programming languages ​​for website design are somehow dependent on html.

Continue with CSS

the components of your website should be shown in a likable order and css should be used here. for example, we will need this language to give text, color and size.

Make your work look professional with JavaScript

After the web page is designed, we need this language to make it more dynamic. For example, if we want a page with animation or a drop-down menu, we use this language.
Of course, if you are at the beginning of the journey, it is not necessary to learn this language. You can learn a server-side language and start learning this language at the right time.

Learn a server-side programming language

With the help of server-side language, information is exchanged between the browser and the server, for example, server-side language is used to register user information in the database.
Meanwhile, PHP and ASP.NET are two powerful and popular languages ​​in this field.

How much time does it take?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on factors such as your effort, the amount of time you spend on this work, your chosen web design course, etc. But usually, in the best case, it takes at least 3 months to go through this process completely.

If you are at the beginning of the journey, don’t worry, you don’t need to learn all the above at once. You can limit learning to HTML and CSS for a while and work on user-side programming.

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