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Off-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide

Off-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide

Off-page SEO is generally a set of activities performed by an off-site SEO expert or webmaster to improve site performance and growth.

Basically, all the activities that the managers and employees of a brand do outside of their website can be considered as off-page SEO. Because in this case, the goal of branding and the goal of external SEO reach a point which is the growth of the website.

Here are some off-page SEO checklists that every SEO expert should be familiar with:

External link building

This kind of Linking is a significant part of off-page SEO activities. In specialized articles, we will definitely share the use of link discovery materials and various methods for external linking with you , But in the following, I want to emphasize on important points such as how to analyze and discover links, and then the general methods of link building.

The first step in external link building is that you thoroughly analyze your competitors. This analysis should be different, including external link strategy analysis, review of sites where links are made, Linked anchor text, and so on.

Trick: Use the ahrefs tool to analyze competitors’ sites and make smart choices. Check the source sites in terms of domain credibility, page credibility, and most importantly thematic relevance to your website, and if all these conditions are favorable, try to link to a site similar to your specific keyword.

Off-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide

Where to build links?

As mentioned, to build links, in the first step, you have to analyze the competitors one by one and make a smart choice by observing several important points. Apart from that, if your business can become a brad in a certain field, it can definitely easily get links from others.

In general, links can be categorized into several important categories, which I will briefly mention below:

Natural links

Natural links will be generated for your site without any action by an SEO expert. This happens when your brand, your content, and… in a field become so prominent that sites and other people link to it as a reference.

Note: in the external linking strategy, we try to create natural links for ourselves.

Manual links

Manual links are created by an SEO expert manually and sometimes for a fee for the website. These links can be placed in the following categories:

  • linking in online directories
  • Linking to FAQs
  • Profile links
  • Ad report

Link building in this way should be perfectly normal so that Google does not notice any particular sign of manual links. In the following articles, we will definitely talk about methods of naturalizing external links. But in short, using nofollow links along with follow links and not optimizing anchor texts is something that will help normalize your external links.

In the list above, you can create the backlinks you want. Sometimes in medium and tough competitions, you need to buy ad reporting.

Ad reporting is like an article where you produce quality-related content and put your link in that article and send the article to the webmaster of the site to publish your content.

At the same time, the best type of link building is buying ad reporting, which, if its implemented properly, it can due to great growth for your pages.

Social networks

Although Google has stated in the past that social media signals such as a number of likes, interaction with followers, retweets, and… are not factors affecting the ranking and improvement of SEO, but according to tests conducted by prominent domestic and foreign webmasters, this is almost certain that social media signals, especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, will affect your SEO.

Off-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide

Note: Since social networking is one of the most important ways of communication between businesses and audiences, paying attention to suggestions, criticisms, and… significantly affect your branding, your searchs, your engagement rate, and ultimately your external SEO.

Important points on social media

1) Social media pages are fully crawled and indexed and displayed as a result in the SERP. so, share your content on social media periodically.

2) Sharing content on social networks significantly improves the user interaction with you and can receive links from other people as a reference.

3) Link to your social networks through your site, because websites, unlike social networks, go through link juice.

A few important points in off-page SEO

As mentioned above, SEO includes all your off-site activities.

Adreporting can be costly for the business, but you should be aware that this cost is entirely an investment and can bring you a real user apart from branding and differentiate your site from competitors.

In the following SEO strategies, I suggest not to ignore the following activities:

  • Video sharing on social networks and video content production sites; Note that video files have tremendous potential for transmission in cyberspace and can quickly generate positive signals for you.
  • Sharing images and infographics in visual media such as Pinterest or Flickr is a very good and of course free way to receive external links and social media signals.

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