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What is a podcast and how to create a podcast?

What is a podcast and how to create a podcast?

How can I create a podcast? The term podcast is used today with both general and specific meanings.

Accurate and specific meaning and concept of the original podcast, an audio file  that is uploaded on the server and you can help certain programs that are designed to listen to podcasts, subscribe to them.

You will also usually be able to download podcasts and you will not always have to listen to them online.

So when we use the term podcast in the strict sense, there should be two features:

You can subscribe to them.

There should be a series of audio files and not just an audio file (otherwise, subscription does not make sense).

What is the more general meaning of podcast?

Many people today, even content production professionals, do not adhere to the above definition.

That’s why the podcast covers a much wider range:

The term podcast is also used for a collection of audio files that are posted on websites or social networks. Even if the possibility of subscribing to them is not considered.

The term podcast is sometimes used for a collection of video files. Many podcasting software even allow you to subscribe to video services.

In this way, in addition to real and classic podcasts (with the possibility of subscribing), audio files of websites, collections of files that are available in messaging software or social networks, and even audio CDs and DVDs will be included in our discussion.

What will be the future of audio files and podcasts?

It is natural that due to the high speed of change in the digital space, it is not possible or at least not very accurate to predict changes in the long run (for example, five years or more).

But clearly in the next two to five years, experts believe that the process of listening to audio files and podcasts will increase.

The constant and continuous connection to the Internet by mobile phones, as well as the expansion of cars that have a permanent Internet connection, along with the popularity of cars, can maintain and even intensify the increasing trend of audio content consumption.

Suggest some good podcasts: ( If you have a podcast app, tapping any of the following names will automatically open the app and you can subscribe)


The masters of scale  podcast is the subject of this excellent podcast in the field of entrepreneurship.

The pitch podcast is about  presenting real startups to real investors.

The Work Life with Adam Grant podcast  examines a range of cognitive, social, and business and personal life issues. There is a whole other podcast.

What is a podcast and how to create a podcast?

How and where to listen to the podcast? What is the best podcast program?

Many programs have been designed and released to listen to podcasts ،If you do not have strange expectations, the basic capabilities are the same in many of them and are not much different.

There are several applications that can be used on both iOS and Android operating systems. We suggest you start listening to the podcast with one of the following:

  • Castbox
  • Pocket Casts
  • FM Player
  • Stitcher
  • Podbean
  • Tunein Radio

If you are an iOS user, you also have options such as Overcast, ListenApp and Downcast. Android users also have their own custom options, including Google Podcasts and Podcast Addict.

 How to make money from podcasts?

There are several ways to monetize a podcast. Of course, you may not be able to decide on this at first when creating a podcast. Because you do not have an estimate of the number and type of your audience. But the most common methods are sponsorship, inviting the audience to voluntarily pay money (sponsorship or donation), and affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing.

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