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Link Juice Definition: What is link juice in SEO?

Link Juice Definition: What is link juice in SEO?

The term ” Link Juice ” in SEO means to value and credibility that is given to another site and online store through the hyperlinks of one site or page. Search engines value hyperlinks and consider in site rankings.

Receiving links is either direct or indirect. In direct link building, you publish and share your content, but in indirect link building, by writing quality content, you get your users and contacts to share. As a result, they will give a natural link to your site, which will have different qualities according to the sites. The process of building links from other sites to your site is called juice link.

 The role of Nofollow and Dofollow links in determining Juice Link

With the help of two features (Nofollow and Dofollow), you can tell search engines which link to follow and which not to follow. Naturally, when you use the Nofollow tag, it means that you do not want part of the page value to be transferred to the desired link. By doing this, the search engine will be informed of your decision and will behave as follows:

What is the Link Juice process like?

Suppose you have two sites, A and B. If we fix all the other ranking factors and site A has a link and site B has no link, then site A ranks higher in search results. What happens if site B also receives a link?

It depends on the number of juices they have gone through. Look at the picture below. Site A received four links while Site B received two. All related sites will receive Link Juice from other sites. When A receives links from more sites, there is more Link Juice to A and it will naturally rank higher in search results page than B.

Note: In this example, the abelites and features of related sites is assumed to be the same.

This is used in a situation where Nofollow attributes could be used to prevent Link Juice damage. This process is known as PageRank sculpting. This was done to manage Link Juice so that the stream focused on specific pages of a site, rather than spreading them evenly across all pages. To understand this, look at the image below.

Link Juice Definition: What is link juice in SEO?

In the first image, as you can see with dofollow links, Link Juice traffic is evenly distributed among all outbound links from a site.

PageRank sculpting is possible when the webmaster adds a nofollow attribute to one of the outbound links, which means that Link Juice is not redirected to sites that are nofollowed, but is distributed to other outbound links, which is shown in the image below.

Link Juice Definition: What is link juice in SEO?

This is no longer true. Now, regardless of whether it is nofollow or not, it shifts normally. You can see in the image below that the site has distributed its Link Juice evenly among all three sites, but the difference is that nofollow links do not receive this.

Link Juice Definition: What is link juice in SEO?

So, after that, you need to worry about wasting your Home Page Link Juice on nofollow links in your site’s footer and sidebar. The best practice for this is to stop the flow of Link Juice to spam comments and links to the blog, using the Nofollow attribute. Conversely, when it comes to an internal link from the site, it is best to allowe the natural flow of Link Juice.

Link Juice can be obtained and distributed with your most visited pages like HomePage.

The link juice that passes through your site is effective when it has the following form:

Pages with the same content as your site

  • Pages with high PageRank.
  • Pages with few outbound links.
  • Pages that have quality content.
  • Pages that appear at the top of the SERP.
  • Pages with user-generated content.

The Link Juice that passes through your site is not effective when it has the following form:

  • Pages that have nofollow links to your site.
  • Pages with irrelevant content.
  • Pages that have a large number of links, for example, advertising links or links to extensive sites.
  • Pages that are not indexed in the search.
  • Paid links
  • Links obtained in a link exchange scheme.
  • Links from classified pages without content

How to speed up the process of getting Link juice?

Since finding Link Juice is very important for page ranking, optimizing your website link juices is an important part of SEO. This work is done in two steps:

  • Increase current link juices
  • Getting more link juices

Why is link building important for SEO?

Link building is a key factor in how Google ranks pages. Google has shown that webmasters can improve the ranking of their website by increasing the number of inbound links from the quality pages of other websites. Exchanging the right link will increase the traffic to your web pages.

What we should use Nofollow links?

In general, the reason for using Nofollow links on the site is to inform search engines that the page is not relevant and there is no need to share the credibility of other pages with this page. Some reasons to use Nofollow links are:

  • Avoiding spammers
  • avoiding declining validity of the page
  • promotional backlinks

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