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What is Google Possum Algorithm?

What is Google Possum Algorithm?

The Google Possum Algorithm is created based on the user’s location and physical business address to provide more quality and user-related results. This algorithm is actually a collection of recent changes in Google’s local ranking filter.

With the Possum algorithm, Google offers more diverse results depending on the user’s location and the search term. In fact, the closer you are to a business in terms of location, the more likely you will show up at local results.

It is important to note that this algorithm also gave prosperity to businesses outside the urban limits. In the past, the problem with local SEO was that businesses outside the city limits were still not represented in the city’s search results, even when they were operating on keywords containing the city’s name. After presenting the possum algorithm, many of these businesses saw significant improvements in local rankings.

In addition, businesses with the same address and the same business will experience a drop in Google results. In the past, they were filtered based on the same site’s phone number or domain. for example, a physiotherapy center that is registered as the center itself and each for the three physiotherapists individually. These profiles are all linked to the same site and have the same contact number. One or two of them appeared in local search results and the rest were filtered. Now with the possum algorithm, many businesses were filtered because of the same address and the same working group.

How to use Google Possum Algorithm for your SEO?

Google’s algorithms keep working and all you have to do is get on with them. If your business is local, be sure to use local keywords. The possum algorithm considers geographic addresses. If you include your work address on Google Maps or Google my business, with the help of this algorithm, you can rank well in local searches.

What has changed in local search results?

Since Google still seems to be testing algorithms and how local businesses display search results, it is not possible to say with certainty that Google is going to filter and categorize results like this forever. Google likes to constantly make changes, so nothing is eternal and may change it again as soon as it tests an algorithm.

What does the possum algorithm mean for local businesses?

While the updating possum algorithm filters local businesses, it seems that Google is still testing and making changes to the algorithm.

So, now is the time to work on your local search marketing strategy. Google may not display your site in some searches, but you still need to work on strategies that make your site accessible to customers.

Checking and modifying local information

Make sure you do not have any duplicate and incorrect information on its site. Because this misinformation can confuse Google and other search engines. If your information is accurate, you have a better chance of being seen than your competitors, especially if their information is incorrect.

It seems that the possum algorithm is more important for related results. If Google filters certain businesses from search results, businesses that are more relevant to the search term will be displayed.

Now, how you can prove that your business is also relevant?

One way to prove your site is associated with search results is for you to check your local information on all listed pages such as (Google My Business, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Local) and see if it’s true and relevant to your field of work.

Create new citations and quotes and try to erase duplicate and incorrect information.

Take user reviews seriously

Another way you can prove our website and content relevance is through users’ comments. Create a section on your site for user comments and try to display them in part of the homepage. If you have more comments with keywords associated with your business (e.g.: “My Favorite restaurant”, etc.), the chances of ranking better in the same keywords are very high.

How can you get more comments? Simply ask your users.

To make progress, local businesses need to keep alive and constantly update a cycle of local marketing strategy that includes user reviews, detailed information, social network marketing and content marketing. The more detailed information your business provides to search engines, the higher the chances of being displayed in Google’s local results.

The cases that the Google Possum Algorithm examines:

  • Having the same physical address as a business in the same field of business
  • Competitors whose business location is closer to the user

Optimization for Google Possum Algorithm

  1. Track rank based on a specific geographic location: After presenting this algorithm, the location from which you search is very effective in ranking.
  2. Make a list of local keywords: because the possum algorithm offers a variety of search results even for relatively similar keyword expressions.

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