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What is Gray hat SEO?

What is Gray hat SEO?

As you know, black hat SEO is a kind of cheating on Google rules and white hat SEO is actually following these rules, so it can be understood that gray hat SEO is a combination of both methods. Gray hat SEO is a method to follow some Google rules and ignoring others.

In fact, they ignore Google rules in the way that google won’t realize it! Therefore, this method is mostly done by professional SEO experts. If non-professionals do this, they will be easily penalized by Google.

Why is gray hat SEO important?

A good understanding of gray hat SEO is very important because if the techniques are used properly, it can easily increase the ranking of your site and on the other hand, you can save money. Google algorithm is very smart and as you know, many changes are made in this algorithm every year.

Some gray hat techniques may be penalized by Google later, so SEO experts should keep their information up to date.

Should we also use gray hat SEO methods?

If you are unfamiliar with its methods, we recommend that you do not use them at all. Because Google is very sensitive and just one wrong step can damage your site ranking and you will be fined by Google.

Before using any technique, whether white, black, or gray, be sure to research how to use that technique so that you do not misuse it. Any technique or method that does not cross the Google red line can be useful.

What is Gray hat SEO?

Techniques used in gray hat SEO

  1. Buying a domain

There are many domains that are either expired or very low in price and have content related to your site, in fact, their policy is in the same direction as your site. You can buy these domains and use their content and find your site keywords in their content and link them to your site.

Just be careful that these domains are not previously penalized by Google. You can even write short articles for these new sites and then link to your site with related keywords.

  1. Creating fake social network accounts

Of course, this is immoral. But to do so You have to create several fake accounts on social networks and then under this title and being active in them, you get backlinks through social networks such as FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and so on. Of course, you can also do this through your networks.

  1. Redesigning the site

There is always an emphasis on redesigning the site. SEO experts say you need to redesign your site after a few years. With the redesign, as the code and commands change, Google recognizes it as new content and adds new value to it. Of course, this is an important and sensitive task not everybody can do so, but anyway, it is a gray hat SEO technique.

  1. commenting

Comment on other sites and even your own site and give backlinks to different sections of the site. If Used properly, it can be effective and can be said to be a great gray hat SEO technique, but Google may later penalize the links you put in the comments section, especially if the owner of those comments declares spam.

 Backlinking to your site

The purchase of backlinks has been strongly denied by Google, but some people do a link exchange with other site owners. This exchange can be in different ways, for example, to introduce each other in posts.

Using the backlink technique is very important. If it’s Used in a wrong way, it can have serious consequences for your site. Google is so much smarter than that that you want to get around it with backlinks through content. As we said, gray hat SEO is really risky and sensitive task.

  1. Clicking on social media buttons

Of course, this method is a bit old, but you can click on the content you put on social networks with different IPs to enter your site. This is also a kind of gray hat SEO technique.

  1. Using keywords in the title only

Some people use only the main keywords in the main and internal titles and do not mention them in their text. Remember that you are writing content based on SEO principles and, this true that its impact is much more obvious But Google quickly detects that what are you trying to do, unless your text is short. In short texts, this gray hat SEO method works perfectly, but not in long texts, which are usually more than 1000 words.

  1. Inserting links in news sites’ emails

This technique is similar to backlinks, but in this way, you pay the owners of those sites to have your link in their newsletter as news. This method is also a gray hat SEO technique that can harm you in case you take a wrong step.

There are many other ways, such as paying other sites to put links, forums, and directories that only allow backlinks and you have to put their site link on your site and so on. You can even use black hat SEO techniques, we just have to be careful not to cross the Google red line.

Knowing how to use these techniques is very important and if you are not familiar with any, get help from an expert in this field. Gray hat SEO is not bad itself if used properly.

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