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What is Google Page Authority algorithm?

What is Google Page Authority algorithm?

Google Page Authority algorithm means page power and using various factors such as content quality, the amount of inbound links from other sites, the number of visitors and the time that visitors spend on your site, the power of the website page is determined and ranked. It is effective in Google.
Validation and validation of your website, in the sense that the site uses various factors such as content quality, the amount of inbound links from other sites, the number of visitors and the time and time that visitors spend on your site.

Identified and affects its ranking in Google. Domain Authority and Page Authority are two important factors in site ranking. These two factors are provided by the Moz site.

Introducing the Google Page Authority algorithm

SEO science is one of the newest fields of science in the field of technology and information. You know for a fact that the science of SEO is constantly evolving and the factors that are considered to rank sites in search engines will become more accurate day by day.

 Google search algorithm for site optimization and SEO Used in Google website search results, search engines such as Google have algorithms according to which they rank sites in their results, algorithms in SEO in simple language means the formula and how to calculate site rankings is.

 Google is, in fact, the king of search engines, and the leader of all search engines is constantly improving its ranking algorithms. Usually, a large number of these changes are small and not very noticeable, and a small number of them include major updates, which in a way change the overall algorithm of Google. You can see the results of new algorithms on your site by checking site traffic.

The meaning of the terms Domain Authority and Page Authority

Moz site is the most reputable site in the field of SEO. After Google scrapped the PageRank factor, the Moz site released two domain authority and page authority factors.

These two factors are unofficial and can not be trusted 100  percent, but are currently the only factors available for ranking sites. Factors affecting these two factors include; Number of backlinks, Moz Rank, Moz Trust and dozens of other factors that are not exactly known!

Authority domain and page authority show the validity of the domain and the validity of one of the pages of the site, respectively. “Authority domain actually shows the credibility of a family and the surname of that family. 

For example, he says that the credit of the Smith family is so great, but the authority page shows the credit of a member of a family. “It is said here that John’s reputation with the  Smith family is so great!” According to this example, the following situations may occur:

In a noble and reputable family (high authority domain), one of the family members will cause a scandal and be a disgraceful person (low authority page). 

Naturally, this also affects the credibility of the family and reduces their credibility! (Reduces authority domain.)
In a normal and average family, one of its members may reach high academic ranks and high positions (high authority page), in which case his family will gain some credit! Isn’t that so? (Authority domain goes up.)

Determine the authority domain and page authority for the website

Once you are familiar with the concept of these two factors, you may be wondering how I can examine these two factors for my own site or my competitor’s site. 

The best tool is to use the Moz site itself. To do this, you can refer to the Moz Site Explorer tool or download the Moz Bar plugin for your browser. If you download the plugin, you can click on the plugin at any time on any website you are on to calculate the exact details of that site for you.

Note: In the free Moz service, you can only check the site profile 3 times a day, after which you have to upgrade your account and pay. Instead, you can use IP change software every 3 times. That way, with each IP, you have three more chances!
After calculating these two factors for your site or your competitor’s site, you might be wondering what my authority domain is. Is my authority page low or high?

Now we want to express the boundary between good and bad numbers to some extent:

A number above 70 is excellent and ideal.

The number 50-70 indicates a strong and reliable site.
The number 40-50 is a good number and many reputable sites fall into this range.
The number 30-40 indicates an average website.
The number 20-30 is suitable for newly established websites, but not for other websites!
The number is less than 20 and it is a sign that the website is unreliable by search engines.
Note that high numbers are for the authority page of the first page of the website and naturally the authority domain has a lower number with a difference of about 10.

A few important points about authority and page authority

1- A site with higher authority has more credibility with Google.
2- Usually the authority domain is more than the authority page.
3- Usually in a website, the highest authority page belongs to the main page of the website.
4- As we said before, the authority page at the bottom of a page can affect the authority domain and reduce it, and vice versa! These two factors are based on a logarithmic formula, so increasing from 10 to 20 may be easy, but increasing from 70 to 80 is very difficult!
New pages often have an authority of 0 or 1, which does not indicate that the content of those pages is weak. You have to wait a bit!
Authorities about pages or domains that are redirected usually have an error and the validity of the previous domain to the domain Or the new page will not be moved. Also, do not be surprised if you find a spam site with high authority! it happens…

6- All the above numbers are estimated for the front page of the page authority invoice. Naturally, the domain authority becomes a smaller number of livestock (by a difference of about 10).

  1. Internal pages and new posts, in many cases, have page authority equal to one or zero, and this does not indicate that those pages are weak.

Strategies to increase authority

A- Try to get low backlinks from different domains to get high backlinks from low domains! (That is, it is much better to get 30 backlinks from 30 websites than to get 3 backlinks from 10 websites each.)
B- Get rid of bad links! Lower quality links are far better than thousands upon thousands of low quality links.

C- Create content that can be shared and linked to. Infographics are good examples of content that is easily shared by others and is a link for you.
D- Do not forget the internal linking of your website. Try to put useful internal links in the content of your website so that Google bots will run well on your site!

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